How to Make Your Home Feel Happy

What makes you feel good at home? Are you fastidious about the tidiness of your living space, or do you need to have a little clutter around you to feel comfortable?

Room Decor

What makes your home feel happy to you depends on your personality. Research shows that different people thrive in different environments; there’s no right or wrong way. Estate agents’ advice is often not to change too much about your home if you’re selling it; the buyer will probably want to change it again anyway.


For example, some enjoy the impact of patterned wallpaper, while others prefer the blank canvas of a freshly painted wall or a mixture of the two.

You may feel more comfortable in a home filled with plush carpets, or perhaps you prefer solid wood flooring like the type found at online retailers like.

Create happiness

It’s not just about getting your home exactly how you want it; what you do around your home also counts. According to the book The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, when facing those chores you can’t get out of – like washing up – try and get into them instead by mixing it with something you enjoy, like some music or a radio programme.

Call someone you care about every day, or do a favour for someone you share your home with. This instantly makes us feel happier, and when you’re happy, you’ll radiate a happy atmosphere into your home.

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