What to Look for in an Estate Agent

Choosing an estate agent is an important part of buying or selling a property. Below are some guidelines on what to look for in an estate agent:

Remember He or She Works for You

This means your position is strong and if your property doesn’t sell, he or she does not get paid. Do not feel pressured into accepting an offer; this decision is yours alone.

Selecting a Multiple or Sole Agent

If you choose a multiple agency agreement, your property can be placed with any agent you prefer and you really do not have to choose between them.

Make a Shortlist

Shortlisting your options to three is a great way to go about choosing your estate agent; then you can invite them to do a valuation.

Get a Personal Recommendation

Make comparisons of local agents based on how fast they sell property, how successful they are and how close to getting the asking price they were. Additionally, ensure the agent is experienced in selling properties like yours. Get information on their standard terms and conditions, especially their standard commission rate.

Do Not be Misled by the Valuations

Some agents provide inflated valuations to trick you into thinking you will get a higher price with them and then later try to talk down the price. Ensure the agent can support their valuation with proof of local sold prices.

How Much Do They Cost?

Estate agents typically charge a percentage fee, ranging between 0.75 and 3.0 percent plus VAT. You should negotiate on the fee, with the aim of getting a fee of 1 percent plus VAT.

How Will Your Property Be Marketed?

Determine all that the marketing efforts will entail. Find out which local newspapers your property will be marketed in and whether it qualifies to be featured in any national magazines or newspapers. Additionally, you should determine whether you will be required to pay an additional marketing fee.

Terms and Conditions

Find out if they are insistent on “sole selling rights.” This means the agent still has to be paid even if you find the buyer. If you take this route, you should only do this for a limited time. This will give you the freedom to change the estate agent if you are not happy with the results.

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